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“There is not a parent out there that understands the various roads of grief I am experiencing except those parents who have lost a child with special needs.

...I want someone to talk to, connect with, have a coffee with, and know they ‘get it’.”

Deb Klisowsky, Parent

"When my daughter invited me to attend a workshop...on grief and grieving, I was unsure and somewhat leery as I had never attended one before. Now after spending the weekend with an amazing and wonderful group of people, I am so happy she invited me.”

Corrie Wilson, Grandparent
Moose Jaw

“I have been involved in two different grief workshops for parents that have lost a child with a disability. ...For the first time since Bryan died I had found someone that truly understood the so very personal, emotional relationship that I had with my son.

...Grief is the most emotional experience in any person’s life. Many of us are able to put it away for another day. Then there are those of us that try to have the courage to work through it and not let it take over our lives.”

Mary Janzen, Parent

“To me, FEEL group means sharing your feelings with people who will understand.”

Shae Rowe-Bembridge, Sibling

"...we are members of an elite group. Not by choice, not something we'd choose. But grateful for and comforted by the others..."

Cynthia Hack, Parent
Moose Jaw