FEEL is...

...a provincial network of families who gather to share their sorrow, remembrances and love for their family member with a disability who has died.

We first gathered together in 2005. Through the sharing of our common experiences around the death of our family members, we developed friendships and formed a community of mutual support.

What do we do?...

  • Connect families with others who have had a similar experience of loss
  • Reflect on and share the significance of our loved ones’ lives and deaths
  • Create a safe space where people can share their experiences regardless of where they are on their journey

Our Mission Is...

...to support families through the unique and devastating grief process that occurs after the death of a family member with a disability; the depth of the grief they feel is a reflection of the exceptional love, joy and commitment they experienced during their lives.

...to ensure that all bereaved survivors of people with disabilities never stand alone or feel isolated. To that end, FEEL offers support, knowledge and understanding.